Stock assessment of threadfin breams (Nemipterus spp.) of India

Murty, V Sriramachandra and Rao, T Appa and Srinath, M and Vivekanandan, E and Nair, K V Somasekharan and Chakraborty, S K and Raje, S G and Zacharia, P U (1992) Stock assessment of threadfin breams (Nemipterus spp.) of India. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 39 (1&2). pp. 9-41.


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The annual average estimated landing of threadfin bieami in India during 1980-83 was 22 247 tonnes which increased to 48100 tonnes during 1984-88;amaxinium of about 60 000 tonnes landed in 1986. Over 90% of threadfin bream catch in the coumiy was obtained by commercial trawlers. Among the maritime states of fodia, Kerala contributed maximum (52%) to the nemipterid landings, followed by Maharashtra (13.6%), Tamil Nadu and Pondicheny (11.2%), Kamataka andGoa (8.8%), Gujarat (7.8%), AndhraPradesh (S.S%) and Oristn (1.1%). Though a total of six nemipterid species contributed to the fishety in different states, only two species viz Nemipterus japoiucus and N. mesoprion contributed significantly; the fomier wu most abundant in Tamil Nadu - POndicheny, Kamataka - Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat and the latter in Andhra and Kerala. Periods of peak abundance were Januaiy-March in Andhra Pradesh, Kamataka-Goa, and Gujarat whereas Apiil-June in Maharashtra and July-September in Tamil Nadu - Pondicheny and Kerala. The parameters of growth and mortality were estimated. The results of stock assessment from each state show that though there is scope to increase the effort by 40%-100% to get MSY from the fishing grounds, the increase in yield will be marginal (1 %-12%). There is need to increase the cod end mesh size of uawl net (or length at first capture Lc) by 10-30% to get MSY. The maximimi possible yidd ofN. japonicus and N. mesoprion from the fishing grounds along east coast (Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry) is around S 000 tonnes and along west coast between 43 000 tonnes and 46 000 tonnes. These are dose to the yidds in 1984-88. The problems in stock assessment and different options for management of fisheries are discussed.

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