Crustacean fishery resources of India - An overview

Suseelan, C and Pillai, N N (1993) Crustacean fishery resources of India - An overview. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 40 (1&2). pp. 104-111.


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    The recent trend in crustacean fishery of India has been reviewed based on the landings during 1984-1992. The fishery as a \^iiole inqjroved over the years reaching a record level of 0.39 miUicn tcones in 1991. Brawn landings, which accounted for about 72% of the crustacean fishery, showed a reaunkable leap since 1988 as a result of extended fishing by shrimp trawlers over time and ^ace. and the innovative fishing in the traditional sectcr. The changed fishing pattern in the mechanized as well as aitisanal sectors, and its intact en catch and ^ecies conq)osition are outlined. The average production of 0.225 millioo tcnnes of prawns realized at present is very close to the estimated catdiable potential of the 0-50 m depth zone. Stock assessments of in:;>ortant species also reveals that the coastal >shrinq> resource of India is fiilly e;q>loited at present. Some species like Metapenaeus dohsoni, Penaeus indicus and P. semisulcatus ate overfished in their respective areas of fishery. The lobster fishery, on the whole, is in a state of decline. On the north-west coast, stock assessment of the princ^al ^ecies Panulirus polyphagus has shown that to reach the MSY level trawling e£foit would have to be considerably reduced which may not be feasible as this fishing e£foit is targeted for other resources. Proper conservation measures are therefore needed to inwove the fishery. . The various problems faced by the fishery due to human activities and the measures to improve crustacean production are discussed.

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