Some concepts on the productivity of tropical seas

Ganapati, P N (1973) Some concepts on the productivity of tropical seas. MBAI Special Publication dedicated to Dr. N K Panikkar (1). pp. 315-320.



The paper gives a critical review of the different environmental factors which may be responsible for the differences in the productivity of the lower and higher latitudes. The various factors which contribute to the low productivity in the tropical and subtropical seas as compared with the temperate and polar seas are analysed. The reasons for limited high productivity zones in the coastal waters of the tropical and subtropical regions are explained as due to upwelling in coastal waters and divergence in offshore waters. The need for intense exploration and location of high productivity zones in the typically tropical and seasonal 'Monsoon type' of upwelling in the seas bordering India is emphasised as also the adoption of modern craft and gear to exploit the seafood resources.

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