Patterns of distribution of Arabian Sea hydromedusae

Vannucci, M (1973) Patterns of distribution of Arabian Sea hydromedusae. Special Publication dedicated to Dr.N K Panikkar (1). pp. 110-121.


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    A comparison between the surface and subsurface waters of the Arabian Sea and those of Bay of Bengal from the hydromedusan fauna point of view shows the following similarities and differences; In both the seas there is a marked difference between surface and subsurface waters as compared to intermediate and deep waters. In both the seas the surface and subsurface waters are under the monsoonal regime with biannual fluctuations of the amount of incoming solar radiation, rate of evaporation, pattern of circulation, convection currents and upwelling. Both seas are very deep. In the Arabian sea, evaporation is greater than what the total influx of fresh water could compensate. In the Bay of Bengal, the influx of fresh water is greater than the evaporation due to the enormous amount of fresh water contributed by the Ganga-Brahmaputra system and by the Irrawaddi.

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