Attachment and early development of the tetraspores of some coralline red algae

Jones, W Eifion and Moorjani, A Shakuntala (1973) Attachment and early development of the tetraspores of some coralline red algae. MBAI Special Publication dedicated to Dr. N K Panikkar (1). pp. 293-304.



Corallina officinalis L. and Jama rubens (L.) Lamour, are both members of the Corallinaceae; until fairly recently their similarity led to their being placed in the same genus, as, for instance by Newton (1932) but the separation is now accepted and Johansen (1970) has shown that important differences exist, particularly in the reproductive structures. Ecologically there are additional differences : CoralUna officinalis is a Uthophyte occurring on a wide range of shores, both sheltered and exposed, throughout the cooler waters (0°C-20°C surface temperature) of the Northern Hemisphere. It is common on all coasts of the British Isles in littoral pools, on lower littoral rock and extends into the sub-littoral. Jarda rubens is found in warmer waters (10°C-30°C) and in the British Isles is common .only on the more temperate coasts, including the Channel Islands, Southern England west of the Isle of Wight, Ireland and northwards to Anglesey on the coast of Wales.

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