Ecological effects of marine pollution

Bostwick H, Ketchum (1973) Ecological effects of marine pollution. MBAI Special Publication dedicated to Dr.N K Panikkar (1). pp. 7-28.



The living resources of the sea provide a substantial part of the world population with an essential source of animal protein, and the marine environment is a valuable resource for recreational facilities. In some of our estuaries, these resources are endangered at present by marine pollution, which has already limited our harvest of sea food in polluted estuaries. The remaining areas of the sea suitable for marine life must be protected from additional pollution if we are to maintain and increase our harvest of protein from the sea and to retain the amenities of the marine waters for recreational purposes. Critical marine pollutants are identified, and various methods of assessing the impact of these pollutants on marine life are discussed. Although additional research is needed before we can make absolute recommendations for acceptable levels of pollutants in the marine environment, it is also emphasized that we already know enough to recommend limits which appear, on the basis of present available knowledge, to provide assurance of minimal risk of damage to the marine environment. Some examples of these acceptable limiting concentrations are presented.

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