Bioluminescence and mackerel fishery

Silas, E G (1967) Bioluminescence and mackerel fishery. In: Proceedings of the Symposium on Scombroid Fishes, Part 3,; MBAI, 12-15 January 1962, Mandapam.



Bioluminescence or ' phosphorescence ' is primarily associated with the marine environment,and this phenomenon has sporadically appeared in several marine organisms often involving even complex light organs and glandular structures as seen in certain species of euphausiids, copepods, ostracods, etc. Quite often spectacular luminescence on the surface of the sea is noticed and this may be caused by a profusion of dinoflagellates such as Noctiluca, Gonyaulax, and Peridinium. For a fuller discussion on the subject of bioluminescence reference is invited to Harvey

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