Eggs, larvae and juveniles of Indian Scombroid fishes

Jones, S and Kumaran, M (1964) Eggs, larvae and juveniles of Indian Scombroid fishes. In: Proceedings of the Symposium on Scombroid Fishes, Part 1, MBAI, 12-15 January 1962, Mandapam.



Our knowledge about the life histories of scombroids has been very meagre till recent years in spite of the wide range of distribution and great economic importance of these fishes. The picture is however gradually changing in view of the increasing attention that is being paid especially in the Pacific region to the study of the biology of tunas and marlins which constitute at present major fisheries in the high seas. Most of the Pacific forms are distributed in the Indian Ocean also and this has helped considerably in the identification of the material collected from Indian waters.

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Eggs and Larvae
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