On decapoda brachyura from the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay

Sankarankutty, C (1966) On decapoda brachyura from the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay. In: Proceedings of the symposium on Crustacea, Part 1, MBAI, 12-16 January 1965, Ernakulam.



Materials forming the basis of the present investigation are 88 species of Brachyura representing the &milies Dromiidae, Dorippidae, Calapidae, Leucosiidae, Hymenosomidae, Maiidae, Parthenopidae, Pinnothwidae, Ooimplacidae, Portunidae, Grapsidae, Ocypodidae and Xanthidae collected from the Indian coast of the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay. Of the total of 88 species, Zalasius indica is new to science, Portimus samoensis (Ward) is pertiaps known only from the type locality and Rhabdonotus pictus A. Milne Edwards has SQ far been reported only by A. Milne Edwards (1878) and De Man (1888); the additional records for the Indian region are Dromldiopsis cranioides (De Man), Dorippe polita Alcock and Anderson, Ekunena stndensis Alcock, Halimus aries (Latreille), Melopograpsus frontalis Miers, M. thulcuar (Owen), nalamita spinifera Borradaile, T. parvidens Rathbun, Clusrybdis {Charybdis) anisodon (De Haan), Portunus pubescens (Dana) and P. samoensis. Xenophthabrms plmotheroides White, Philyra verrucosa Henderson and Aethra scruposa (Linnaeus) are species of interest.

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