Dunaliella salina – an unconventional live feed

Gireesh, R and Smitha, K S and Bindhu, K B and Gopinathan, C P (2001) Dunaliella salina – an unconventional live feed. In: Perspectives in Mariculture. Menon, N G and Pillai, P P,(eds.) The Marine Biological Association of India, Cochin, pp. 235-240.



Live feeds play an important role in aquaculture operation. Presently, the groups of live feeds employed in the culture systems are limited to afew species ofphyto and zooplankters. Dunaliella salina, (greenmicroalga), a member of Chlorophyceae, is an unconventional live feed. The culture of this species is presently limited to laboratory experimental stage only. In view of the paucity of studies on the culture and utilization of Dunaliella salina, the present investigation was undertaken to explore and estimate the potential use of this species. The results of rearing of Juvenile clams with Dunaliella as live feeds are presented and discussed.

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