Experimental fattening of the green mud crab Scylla oceanica (Dana)

Anil, M K and Suseelan, C (2001) Experimental fattening of the green mud crab Scylla oceanica (Dana). In: Perspectives In Mariculture. Menon, N G and Pillai, P P,(eds.) The Marine Biological Association of India, pp. 95-110.



Results of the experimental fattening of postmoult soft crabs ('Water crabs') o/Scylla oceanica (Dana) in the size 550 g and above in a brackishwater pond of 0.05 ha area at Cochin during August 1992 - April '93 are presented. Four fattening trials were attempted under varying salinity conditions (5-29 ppt) and stocking densities (2.5-5 crabs/ 10 m^)for 45-60 days, feeding with trash fish, slaughter house waste and/or clam meat at the rate of 7% of body weight. Experiments have shown that 45 days fattening with a stocking density of 1 crab /3mP is ideal for better survival and economic returns in tide-fed conditions. Although no significant change was observed in the total weight of crab during fattening, the average protein content of the meat increased from 8.33% to 14.93% with a decrease in moisture content from 87.15% to 80.93%. Economic analysis of crab fattening trials indicated gross profit rangingfromRs. 13300 to 50400 in 5-6 crops a year.

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