Over-view of fish and shellfish diseases problem and their control in mariculture

Mahadevan, S (1982) Over-view of fish and shellfish diseases problem and their control in mariculture. In: Proceedings of the Symposium on Coastal Aquaculture, Part 2, MBAI, 12-18 January 1980, Cochin.


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Culture practices of brackishwater prawns, marine fishes, mussels, oysters and crabs are rapidly expanding in India. Side by side with the advances in this line it is very essential to bestow our attention to identify and control any organism co-existing and affecting the cultured crop in any given area. In this context we may have to contend with, primarily, direct threats to productivity posed by the detrimental effects of cohabiting organisms belonging to three basic groups (a) competitors (b) predators and (c) disease and parasitism. Problems have manifested themselves in early mariculture ventures providing some insight into the potentially more serious problems that may be expected in large-scale mariculture. The premise that disease and parasite control must be assigned high priority in the development of mariculture is supported by examples all over the world. Documenting symptoms, isolating pathogens, and studying them, developing preventive and curative measures are all some of the works that are to be looked into in addition to studying disease vectors, environmental factors predisposing an organism to vulnerability or favour disease resistance.

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