Length-weight relationship in the oil-sardine, Sardinella longiceps Val.

Antony Raja, B T (1967) Length-weight relationship in the oil-sardine, Sardinella longiceps Val. Indian Journal of Fisheries , 14 (1&2). pp. 159-170.



The study of the length-weight relationship in fishes by fishery biologists has been mainly directed towards two objectives, namely, to provide a mathematical relationship between the two measurements as a means of interconversion and secondly, to calculate the 'condition factor' (Le Cren, 1951). In a species of commercial importance, the former object has been found essential to convert the catch statistics of that species, from weight to numbers in order to obtain the abundance of stock in space and time. However, the question that has to be answered first for both the above objects is whether a single equation will suffice or separate equations are required to describe the relationship between length and weight at various times of the year and phases of life history.

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