On the relation between the intensity of the south-west monsoon and the oil-sardine fishery of India

Murty, A V S and Edelman, M S (1966) On the relation between the intensity of the south-west monsoon and the oil-sardine fishery of India. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 13 (1 & 2). pp. 142-149.


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The problem of fluctuations of marine fish populations and commercial stocks is a great concern of the marine fishery industries. The fluctuations depend upon the biological features of the individual species and the environmental factors. It is not possible to solve the problem without understanding both the aspects. The abundance of fish depends mainly upon the feeding conditions especially in larval and juvenile stages. And the feeding conditions depend upon the primary production which conditionally depends on the available nutrient salts in the sea. The availability of nutrients will much depend upon the vertical and horizontal circulations in the sea. The circulation of the sea in turn depends upon the atmospheric conditions due to the air-sea interaction. Thus the studies of the atmospheric conditions over the sea throw light upon the total influence of the various factors on the fishery. Dr. Izhevskii (1961) made an extensive analysis of the physical and biological marine processes and established the principal patterns governing the changes in marine environmental factors on which the changes in the biological productivity of the sea primarily depend. His principal methods are inspirations to the authors in their present work.

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