Propagation of Gracilaria edulis (Gmelin) Silva by reproductive method

Jayasankar, Reeta and Ramamoorthy, N (1997) Propagation of Gracilaria edulis (Gmelin) Silva by reproductive method. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 44 (4). pp. 353-360.



Gracilaria edulis was successfully cultured by the reproductive propagation method in the Gulf of Mannar, during November-March 1991-'92 and 1992-'93. Healthy young plants were harvested twice during 1993 within 135 days of culture period. Nursery rearing for a brief period was done for the carpospores to grow upto the germling stage in enriched seawater before transplanting to the sea. The plant attained maximum length of 34 cm (average length 21.55 ± 7.30 cm) and a fresh weight of 12.430 kg on harvest. The quantitative estimation of agar showed an average yield of 14.57 % with gelling temperature of 48.8°C, melting temperature of 85.0°C and gel strength of 98.6 g/cm^.

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