Tuna fisheries of the EEZ of India—An introductory statement

Silas, E G (1985) Tuna fisheries of the EEZ of India—An introductory statement. CMFRI Bulletin , 36 . pp. 1-5.



The tuna fisheries in India is still predominantly an artisanal activity with marginal inputs from the commerpial sector. As part of the National Policy for the judicious exploitation of the fishery resources of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of India, further emphasis is to be given to the development of tuna fisheries, both in the coastal waters and in the high seas. Despite the fact that there has been a noticeable increase in the landings of coastal timas during the last two decades, the tuna stocks remain to be one of the least exploited pelagic resource from the EEZ of India. The impact of modern technology was mainly by way of introduction of synthetic fibres for the gear and mechanisation of the crafts which enabled the traditional fishermen to develop their fishing ractices in a steady state condition, but the developments in the post harvest, technology, especially in the processing of products for internal markets and for exports are stiU lagging behind (Silas et al, 1979 ; Silas and Pillai, 1982 ; 1983 ; 1984).

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