On the juveniles of Sardinella fimbriata (Val.) and Sardinella gibbosa (Blkr.)

Dharmamba, M (1963) On the juveniles of Sardinella fimbriata (Val.) and Sardinella gibbosa (Blkr.). Indian Journal of Fisheries , 10 A (1). pp. 167-181.



Two species of sardines, namely, Sardinella fimbriata and Sardinell glbbosa contribute to the sardine fishery at Lawson's Bay, Waltair, extending over a period of 9-10 months (October to June or July) and the fishery is mainly supported by the juveniles of the two species, S. fimbriata being more abundant. Though the adults of the two species could be distinguished on the basis of their height-length ratios, the specific identification of the juveniles is difficult due to the close similarity in their external appearance. Excepting black pigmentation, all the colouration which aids to separate the two species in fresh condition, is observed to disappear after fixation and even after a few hours post-mortem. Hence a detailed study of some of the morphometric and meristic characters has been made to find out characters that could be used to distinguish the juveniles of the two species.

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