Notes on the maturity and spawning of Opisthopterus tardoore (Cuvier)

Radhakrishnan, N (1963) Notes on the maturity and spawning of Opisthopterus tardoore (Cuvier). Indian Journal of Fisheries , 10A (1). pp. 102-106.



The present study on the biology of Opisthopterus tardoore (Cuvier) was initiated in 1955 as part of the comprehensive investigation of the biology of the common clupeoids of North Kanara. Little is known about the fishes belonging to the genus Opisthopterus, excepting the post larval stages of Opisthoperus tardoore which have been described by John (1951). In view of this a detailed study of various aspects of the biology of this species was undertaken, and the present paper relates to notes on maturity and spawning of Opisthopterus tardoore, and incorporates the results of investigations carried out in the inshore regions at Karwar.

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