Observations on the maturity and spawning of Psettodes erumei (Schneider)

Pradhan, M J (1962) Observations on the maturity and spawning of Psettodes erumei (Schneider). Indian Journal of Fisheries , 9A (2). pp. 580-589.



Psettodes erumei (Schneider), popularly called the 'Indian Turbot' and locally known as 'Bhakas' in Bombay, belongs to the group of flatfishes known as Heterosomata. This group comprises the Halibut, Turbot, Sole and Plaice, which in Western countries form a very important group of commercial fishes. Off the Bombay coast, however, the flatfish fishery is of lesser importance owing largely to a traditional prejudice against this group of fishes and it was not until the introduction of trawlers that the importance of flatfishes, particularly that of P. erumei, was realised. Not only is there a considerable increase in the catch of this fish, but there is' a progressive demand for it as a prime food fish. Considering these potentialities investigation on the fishery of P. erumei and its biology was undertaken.

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