Scales and otoliths of the 'Koth'Otolithoides brunneus (Day)as age indicators

Kutty, M N (1961) Scales and otoliths of the 'Koth'Otolithoides brunneus (Day)as age indicators. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 8 (1). pp. 145-151.


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Growth rings on the scales and otoliths of 'Koth' have been recorded by Karandikar and Thakur (1951). Mention of growth checks on the scales of this fish and their probable utility in -age determination has also been made by Seshappa (unpublished). Studies on the scales and otoliths of 'Koth' from the local 'dol' net catches landed at Bombay and the catches of the trawlers working along the Bombay coast were begun by the author in February 1958 with a view to assess their value in age determination of the fish. Material for the present study was also collected subsequently from the gill-net catches at Bedi in the Gulf of Kutch.

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