Seerfish fishery of the world

Devaraj, M and Mohamad Kasim, H (1998) Seerfish fishery of the world. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 40 (1 & 2). pp. 51-68.



The annual world seerfish production, inspite of some fluctuations (and decrease in 1978, 1984 & 1992)steadily increased from 128,100t in 1973 to 210,089t in 1977 and then to an all time peak of 492,011t in 1991. During the period 1970-'80, the leading countries in seerfish production were Indonesia (33,672t), India (22,342t), China (16,6691), Mexico (10557t), Korea (10,367t), Philippines (10,329t), Thailand (9,885t), Malaysia (9,469t), USA (7,741t) and Japan (5,142t). But during 1981-'90 China (101,143t), became the leading country in seerfish production followed by Indonesia (51,517t), India (34,336t), Korea (19,274t), Philippines (15,860t) Malaysia (13 J03t), Mexico (13,23lt), Thailand (12,51Ot), Oman (10,655t) and Pakistan (7,737t).

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