Studies on cryogenic preservation of sperm of certain cultivable marine fishes

Diwan, A D and Nandakumar, A (1998) Studies on cryogenic preservation of sperm of certain cultivable marine fishes. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 45 (4). pp. 387-397.


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Significant success has been achieved in long-term cryopreservation of sperm at-196°C motility of certain marine fishes like Liza parsia, Sillago sihama, Mugil cephalus and Gerres oyena. In case of L. parsia sperm motility could be preserved successfully for more than 240 days using suitable cryoprotectant. In case of S. sihama and M. cephalus viable sperm could be cryopreserved for 1 month only, whereas in the case of G. oyena viable sperm could be preserved for a period of 3 months. While attempting on short-term preservation of sperm in L. parsia at -10°C, viability could be maintained for 24 hrs and beyond this at 48 hrs there was total loss of motility. Analysis of biochemical constituents of seminal plasma in case of L. parsia was carried out to know the possible causative factors for the loss of motility of sperm and it was found that the glucose and protein levels decreased significantly in the seminal fluid cryopreserved for 48 hrs whereas lipid content increased. Similarly there was drastic reduction in the levels of Na+ and K+ ions in the seminal fluid cryopreserved for 24 hrs.

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