Phyllophorus (Phyllophorella) parvipedes Clark (Holothuroidea), a new record to the Indian Seas

James, D B (1965) Phyllophorus (Phyllophorella) parvipedes Clark (Holothuroidea), a new record to the Indian Seas. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 7 (2). pp. 325-327.



Phyllophom (Phyllophorella) parvipedes Clark(Holothuroidea) was described from Broome (Western Australia) by Clark (1938) and from Singapore by Heding and Panning (1954). While examining a shore siene collection at Vedalai (09" 15' N., 79" 07'E.) on the Gulf of Mannar on 27-3-1965, the author came across a single specimen (PI. I) of this species measuring 65 mm. in length, thus extending its distribution from the west coast of Australia and Singapore to the south-east coast of India. As earlier descriptions of this species (Clark, 1938; 'Heding and Panning, 1954) do not appear to be adequate and slnce this is the first record of this species from this region, a detailed description is given

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