Hydrology of the inshore waters of Karwar bay During 1964—1966

Annigeri, G G (1968) Hydrology of the inshore waters of Karwar bay During 1964—1966. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 15 (1&2). pp. 155-165.



Studies on the seasonal distribution of temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphates, nitrites and silicates in the inshore waters of Karwar Bay at surface, middle and bottom levels were conducted from November 1964 to October 1966. The lowest values of temperature were recorded during the south-west monsoon period with a second minimum during winter months. The highest temperature records were observed in October- November and again during April-May when the salinity values were also higher. The lowest salinity in the surface layers was found in July during the first year and in August in the second. The jscillation of temperature and salinity during the year was a double one. But the oscillation of salinity in the middle and bottom layers during the second year was of a triple nature.

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