Observations on the breeding and development in some batoid fishes

Devadoss, P (1998) Observations on the breeding and development in some batoid fishes. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 45 (3). pp. 271-283.



Studies on the breeding and development of guitar fishes, electric rays and sting rays revealed that they are ovoviviparous where there is no placental connection between the young and the mother. In guitar fish, both right and left ovaries are functional along with the uteri whereas in the electric ray Narcine and the sting ray Dasyatis only the left ovary and uterus are functional. Some of the embryonic characters generally observed are the presence of gill flaments emerging outside the gill clefts and incomplete fusion of pectoral fin with head without forming disc. All Dasyatis spp. produce one or two embryos in a litter while the butterfly ray produces a maximum of 6 embryos and the guitar fish Rhiobatus up to 16 young ones.

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