Caridina pseudogracilirostris sp.nov. (Atyidae: Caridina) from the Cochin Backwater

Thomas, M M and Pillai, V K and Pillai, N N (1973) Caridina pseudogracilirostris sp.nov. (Atyidae: Caridina) from the Cochin Backwater. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 15 (2). pp. 871-872.



A few specimens of Cardina collected from the Cochin Backwater during try net operations, resembled Caridina gracilirostris de Man in many respects. But close examination of the material revealed that they differed from it in the shape and armature of the telson and the absence of the appendix interna on the first pleopod of male specimens. Therefore, a new species Cardina pseudogracilirostris is proposed to describe the animal. Detailed discription of the new species and its affinities to allied species are given in the present note.

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