Primary productivity in Minicoy atoll (Lakshadweep) of Arabian Sea

Kaladharan, P (1998) Primary productivity in Minicoy atoll (Lakshadweep) of Arabian Sea. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 45 (2). pp. 211-215.



Primary productivity in Minicoy atoll during 1990 - 1992 was estimated from five stations around the island from the diurnal curves prepared for dissolved oxygen. Areas characterised by seagrass beds recorded a maximum productivity of 3.48 g Cm3 d and the open sea registered a minimum of 0.97g Cm3d, with an average productivity of 2.42 g cm3 d. Major contribution of NPP was due to seagrasses (54 %) and seaweeds (31 %). Since the results indicated heterotrophic conditions, the need to protect the highly productive seagrass beds in Minicoy atoll against human interferences is projected.

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