Maturation of intra-ovarian eggs and spawning periodicities in some fishes

Prabhu, M S (1956) Maturation of intra-ovarian eggs and spawning periodicities in some fishes. Indian Journal of Fisheries , 3 (1). pp. 59-90.



It is well known that, in the temperate as well as in the tropical waters, fishes exhibit various types of spawning tendencies which are closely connected with the development of the intra-ovarian eggs in batches. Examination of the periodicity in the production of ova in batches from the ovigerous lamellae in the ovaries of oviparous teleosts and a statistical study of the distribution of intra-ovarian eggs in the ovaries of various stages of maturity have been found to give reliable evidence on spawning habits of fishes Such a study of the intra-ovarian eggs in the ripe and earlier stages of maturity is the basis of the present investigation which was initiated with a view to determining the duration of spawning period in some of the edible food fishes. The work was started in 1945 at the suggestion of Dr. N. K Panikkar the then Director of the Madras University Zoology Research Laboratory' and continued later in the Central Marine Fisheries Research Station, Mandapam Camp.

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