Catch composition and discards in set bagnets of Karanja Estuary, Raigad, Maharashtra

Iburahim, Abuthagir and Pradhan, Suraj Kumar and Nirmal, T and Ratheesh Kumar, R and Kamat, Satish and Shenoy, Latha (2017) Catch composition and discards in set bagnets of Karanja Estuary, Raigad, Maharashtra. Journal of Indian Fisheries Association, 44. pp. 17-29. ISSN 0972-3854

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Dol netting is one of the major fishing methods used mainly by traditional fishermen of Maharashtra. Study of catch composition of dol nets operated in Karanja Estuary of Raigad district, Maharashtra was carried out during September 2016 - May 2017. A total of ten single-day dol-netters were selected for the purpose of this study. Fortnightly on-board sampling and questionnaire-based sampling were carried out to fulfil the objectives of the study. The number of fishing days per month ranged from 12-16 due to tide-based restrictions. Dol net catch comprised 50 species of fin fishes, 3 species of elasmobranchs, 13 species of shrimps, 10 species of crabs, 5 species of cephalopods, 2 species of jellyfish, 4 species of sea snakes, 1 species of lobster and 2 species of stomatopods. Major catch composition of dol nets recorded during the study included Acetes indicus, Arius maculatus, Charybdis callianassa , Chrysaora Caliparea, Coilia dussumieri , Harpadon nehereus , Lepturacanthus savala , Miyakella nepa, Mystus gulio and Parapenaeopsis sculptilis. Significant discards such as jellyfishes, juveniles of several fishes and plastics were recorded in the dol nets operated in the Karanja estuary

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