A viviparous nematode, Philometra sp. In the ovaries of Otolithus argenteus (Cuvier)

Annigeri, G G (1960) A viviparous nematode, Philometra sp. In the ovaries of Otolithus argenteus (Cuvier). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 3 (1 & 2). pp. 263-264.


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    While engaged in the study of spawning periodicity of certain teleostean fishes of Mangalore area, a parasitic nematode was observed in the ovary of Otolithus argenteus (Cuv.). The fish measuring 203 mm. in total length and harbouring the parasite within its gonads appeared to be normal in its external body features. The parasitised ovaries of the fish presented dark red colouration and through the semitransparent ovarian walls some of the coils of the parasite within could be seen. Except in the anterior one-third of the left ovary and the apical region of the right one where a few ovarian immature eggs measuring 0.019 to 0.134 mm. were found, the rest of the space in both the ovaries was occupied by the coils of the parasite. When the coils were unravelled, it was observed that in the region of the oviduct the part of the body of the parasite lying within the left ovary was continuous with that lying in the right ovary.

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