Diurnal activity of the prawn Penaeus semisulcatus De Haan

Kutty, M N and Murugapoopathy, G (1968) Diurnal activity of the prawn Penaeus semisulcatus De Haan. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 10 (1). pp. 95-98.


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    Several authors have reported that penaeid prawns remain active above substratum at night and stay quiet, buried in sand during the day (Fuss, 1964; Fuss and Ogren, 1966 ; Wickham, 1967; Hughes, 1968). Menon and Raman (1961) also suggested increased nocturnal activity in Indian penaeid prawns. Kutty (1967) pointed out the burrowing habit of Penaeus semisculcatus and estimated the metabolism of the buried prawn; his short term observations, however, did not indicate that Penaeus indicus has the burrowing habit. Burrowing methods of Metapenaeus masiersii have been described by Dall (1958) and those of Penaeus duorarunt by Fuss (1964). It appears that the burrowing habits of the penaeid prawns are more or less similar. As evident, precise information on the burrowing behaviour, emergence from the substratum and activity of the Indian prawns are wanting. The authors had occasion to observe the activity rhythm of a group of penaeid prawns, Penaeus semisulcatus reared in the sea water aquarium of the Institute primarily for a series of experiments on metabolic adptations. The present observations, though not strictly planned, appeared to be of interest especially since much is yet to be known about the behaviour of the Indian prawns and are therefore presented here.

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