Trawl Fisheries off Visakhapatnam

Rajkumar, U and Maheswarudu, G and Nasser, A K V and Rao, K Narayana and Kingsly, H Jose and Varma, J B and Rao, M Prasada (2005) Trawl Fisheries off Visakhapatnam. Sustainable Fisheries Development : Focus on Andhra Pradesh. pp. 35-49.


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Visakhapatnam is one of the major trawl fishery centres along the east coast of India. About 500 small mechanized fishing units including small trawlers and sona boats were in active operation, conducting fishing from Sand Heads in the North to Pentakota in the South. The data were collected from small trawlers during 1994-2003 and from son a boats during 1997-2003 and analyzed for changes in the trend of fishery,fishing patterns, craft and gear, species composition and possible impact of trawl ban on the fishery. Demersa] resources (43%) were the major component of trawl landings, followed by pelagic (35%), crustacean (20%) and molluscan resources (2%). The total catch and catch rate were higher during September - December. The CPUE ranged from 11 kg.h,1 (1991) to 25 kg.h,1 (2003) with an average of 25 kg.h" in small trawlers. In the case of sona boats, CPUE ranged from 7 kg.hl (1999) to 33 kg.h'l (2003) with an average of 23 kg.h". Though the magnitude of catch is higher in sona boats, the catch composition is almost similar to that of small trawlers. After the introduction of fishing ban during the month of May from 1999 onwards, the total landings increased during June - August; however, the CPUE has declined indicating increased effort.

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