New characters for consideration in the taxonomic appraisal of Grey Mullets

Luther, G (1977) New characters for consideration in the taxonomic appraisal of Grey Mullets. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 19 (1). pp. 1-9.


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A study of some osteological characters, namely, the parapophysial stay on the trunk vertebra, second vertebral processes, basioccipital processes, and post-zygapophysial hooks, as basic characteristics for the generic appraisal of grey mullets has revealed that these parameters can be used to separate the genera Liza, Valamugil and Ellochelon. The existence of these genera is questioned by different workers. The generic status of these three genera in relation to the genus Mugil is outlined. A new genus Osteomuil is created to accommodate M. cunnesius Valenciennes. The possibility that L. strongylocephalus, L. engeli and M. kelaartii could belong to the new genus is pointed out. The number and form of pyloric caeca provide additional help in the identification of certain species of mullets. It is suggested that species differing from others of the same genus, by having well developed adipose eyelids, be given a subgeneric status and that end of maxilla be considered as "exposed" when the mouth is closed, only when the "maxillary notch" is closer to the angle of the mouth. It is also proposed that precedence be given to osteological characters over diversity in the mouth Jparts, in the taxonomic appraisal of grey mullets.

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