Marine Fisheries Information Service No.244

CMFRI, Kochi (2020) Marine Fisheries Information Service No.244. Marine Fisheries Information Service; Technical and Extension Series (244). ICAR - Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi.


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    It is reported that marine wild fisheries and mariculture accounts for nearly 70% of the global production of edible meat presently. However, there are also projections made that by 2050 upto 44% of the edible marine food production would be through mariculture. Hence, the need to focus on development of marine fisheries in a sustainable manner as well as explore mariculture is flagged. The Indian Ocean is one of the world’s most important fishing grounds for tunas and other large pelagic fishes such as tunas, seerfishes, billfishes, dolphinfishes and barracudas. Several of theses species are highly migratory and support seasonal fisheries in different countries in the Indian Ocean realm. Owing to the high quality of their meat, they are much sought after commodities in the seafood markets globally and hence targeted fishery resources by an industrial fishing fleet as well as small scale, artisanal sector. In India also there is considerable research focus on large pelagic fisheries and their sustainable management considering the economic value and livelihoods supported by these fisheries. Recognising that the fishery trends are important indicators to arrive at management options, the status of fisheries for large pelagics on the south west coast of India is highlighted, to be followed by the rest of the maritime states and regions. Also included are articles that focus on the marine biodiversity and findings related to mariculture activities in our country.

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