Marine Fisheries Information Service No.242

CMFRI, Kochi (2019) Marine Fisheries Information Service No.242. Marine Fisheries Information Service; Technical and Extension Series (242). Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi.


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    According to the Global Marine Aquarium Database (GMAD), the worldwide marine ornamental fish trade is worth an estimated US$ 200 – 300 million catering to about 2 million people keeping marine aquaria. Among 1471 marine species traded worldwide, Damselfishes make up almost half the trade and the Three spot damselfish is among the top 10 species. While 90% of the freshwater aquaria fish are farmed, in the marine sector it is less than 2% and almost entirely sourced from the wild, giving rise to sustainability concerns. Hence, a serious focus on developing reliable and efficient hatchery protocols at least for a few species of trade significance is important. Aquaculture sector can contribute significantly to food security and economic development of nations. Production of 83 million tonnes of aquatic food by 2030 is the projected target of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. Of this, capture based aquaculture (CBA) considered as a hybrid between capture fisheries and aquaculture, is estimated to contribute about 20% of the marine aquaculture production having an annual market value of US$1.7 billion and high value species such as lobsters, tunas and groupers occupying top slot. With these ideas in the background, some of the recent research findings are presented in this issue of MFIS.

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