Marine Fisheries Information Service No.241

CMFRI, Kochi (2019) Marine Fisheries Information Service No.241. Marine Fisheries Information Service; Technical and Extension Series (241). Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi.

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    The marine fisheries sector in India has a rich natural resource base comprising more than 800 species of commercial importance, spread in fish landings over a long coastline of nearly 8000 km. Of the total fish diverstity in India,the marine fishes constitute 76% with 2,443 species belonging to 927 genera and as many as 91 endemic species in coastal waters. The valuation of marine fish landings in India at the landing centre was an estimated `52636 crores in 2018. Fish and fish products emerged as the largest group in agricultural exports from India in 2019, and a substantial portion was contributed by the marine fisheries sector. Realising the merit in sustainable exploitation of the fishery resources, the fisheries management regime in India is increasingly moving from an ‘open-access’ dominated nature towards regulated fisheries. Unique fisheries management templates for India with its basis on local socio-economic dimensions and human development needs are required. Innovative technologies in open sea cage farming as well as low-cost cages suitable in estuarine and coastal areas have emerged from research institutions and need to be taken to the fishermen and fish farmers in a big way to achieve the target of a Blue Revolution. Against this backdrop, some research insights are presented in this issue of MFIS

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