Thraustochytrids in aquaculture: Can it replace fish meal in Aquafeed?

Jaseera, K V and Kaladharan, P (2019) Thraustochytrids in aquaculture: Can it replace fish meal in Aquafeed? Aquaculture Spectrum, 2 (4). pp. 25-27.

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    Global fish production peaked at about 171 million tonnes in 2016, with aquaculture contributing 47 percent (80million tonnes) to the total.While capture fishery production remains static since the 1980s, aquaculture production is rapidly growing and is now almost on par with the capture fishery. The growth of the aquaculture sector is also faster than other major food production sectors registering a 5.8 percent annual growth rate during the period 2001–2016. In 2016, of the total fish production, 12 percent (about 20 million tonnes) was used for non-food purposes. A greatest part of these (74 percent or 15 million tonnes) was reduced to fishmeal and fish oil, while the rest (5 million tonnes) was largely utilized as material for direct feeding in aquaculture and raising of livestock and fur animals, in culture, as bait, in pharmaceutical uses and for ornamental purposes. About 220 aquatic animals and plants species are cultured around the world, in a vast range of production systems. Generally aquaculture production systems can be divided into feed-dependent systems or fed aquaculture (e.g. finfish and crustaceans) or non-fed aquaculture systems where culture is predominately dependent on the natural environment for food, e.g. aquatic plants and molluscs.

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