Taxonomy, Biology and Distribution of Deep Sea Shrimps and Lobsters

Chakraborty, Rekha D (2019) Taxonomy, Biology and Distribution of Deep Sea Shrimps and Lobsters. In: Advances in Marine Fisheries in India, 18-23 February 2019, Kochi.

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    Shellfish systematics is the most unique one in Fisheries Science in view of its importance and implications in diversity. The systematic zoology is the science that discovers names, determines relationships, classifies and studies the evolution of living organisms. It is an important branch in biology and is considered to be one of the major subdivisions of biology having a broader base than genetics, biochemistry and physiology. The shellfish includes two highly diversified phyla i.e. phylum Arthropoda and phylum Mollusca. These two groups are named as shellfishes because of the presence of exoskeleton made of chitin in arthropods and shells made of calcium in molluscs. These two major phyla are invertebrates. They show enormous diversity in their morphology, in the habitats they occupy and in their biology. Phylum Arthropoda includes economically important groups such as lobsters, shrimps, and crabs. Taxonomical study reveals numerous interesting phenomena in shellfish phylogeny and the study is most indispensable for the correct identification of candidate species for conservation and management of our fishery resources and aquaculture practices. On the whole taxonomic study on shellfishes furnishes the urgently needed information about species and it cultivates a way of thinking and approaching of all biological problems, which are much needed for the balance and well being of shellfish biology as a whole.

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