Study on the near-shore water of the Karwar Bay in the North Kanara Coast

Noble, A (1980) Study on the near-shore water of the Karwar Bay in the North Kanara Coast. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 22 (1&2). pp. 70-76.



The temperature of the sea-water and the maximum-minimum atmospheric temperature exhibit typical double oscillations and parallel seasonal fluctuations. But, for the temperature of the air over the sea a double oscillation is of doubtful occurence. The temperature of the water which is generally above the one of the air,-falls below it in July-August when the monsoon is most active and the atmosphere highly humid. The salinity, if high in March-April and low in July-August. The pH and the dissolved oxygen in the water show double oscillations in a year and the percentage saturation also has more or less the same trend. Saturation or supersaturation is a rare occurrence mostly confined to May-June and January- February. The study of the near-shore water is important here in relation to the local coastal fishery for the Indian mackerel.

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