Speckled Catshark Halaelurus boesemani

Kyne, Peter M and Ebert, David A and Akhilesh, K V and Tesfamichael, Dawit and Valinassab, Tooraj (2017) Speckled Catshark Halaelurus boesemani. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2017.

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    The Speckled Catshark (Halaelurus boesemani) is a relatively small (to 48 cm total length), data-poor catshark. It is known from a limited number of specimens collected from four locations along an ~900 km stretch of Somali coastline. It occurs on continental and insular shelves at depths of 29-91 m. Its entire distribution has been subject to at least four decades of unregulated commercial benthic trawling; shelf-occurring catsharks are very susceptible to capture in this fishing gear. The new Somali Fisheries Law bans benthic trawling, but it is suspected that past declines have already occurred given the long history of unregulated fishing across its entire range. Furthermore, enforcement of this new regulation will be a challenge. While specific data are lacking, a population size reduction of 30-50% is suspected over the past three generations (~45 years) based on actual levels of exploitation (bycatch) and the species is assessed as Vulnerable A2d. It is of concern that there have been no records since 1991, although it is acknowledged that research and monitoring have been limited in Somalia. Further investigation of this species is required to accurately define its range, biology, extent of catches in local fisheries and levels of declines. This assessment should be revisited as soon as this is available.

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