Molecular tools for managing and sustaining fisheries and aquaculture in Ethiopia

Gopalakrishnan, A (2019) Molecular tools for managing and sustaining fisheries and aquaculture in Ethiopia. [Teaching Resource]

Molecular Tools for Managing and Sustaining Fisheries Aquaculture in Ethiopia_2019_A Gopalakrishnan.pdf

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    Out of the estimated 10-30 million species in planet Earth, about 2 million species are known to science now. This enormous treasured biodiversity is an essential provider of ecosystem goods and services to mankind. The fish genetic resources (including all finfish, aquatic invertebrates and plants that have actual or potential value for capture fisheries, aquaculture and culture-based fisheries) form the integral part of aquatic biodiversity and human beings have long been dependent on these resources for food, medicines and materials as well as for recreational and commercial purposes such as fishing, sport fishing and tourism. These genetic resources are also the source for candidate species for aquaculture diversification and genetic diversity for improvement of domesticated species.

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