Length-weight relationship of the fishes of the genus Chirocentrus cuvier

Luther, G (1982) Length-weight relationship of the fishes of the genus Chirocentrus cuvier. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 24 (1&2). pp. 106-111.



Chirocentrus nudus and C. dorab from Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar around Rameswaram Island were examined for this study. The regressions obtained for the length-weight relationships of male and female from the two localities were compared by analysis of covariance. The rate of growth of juvenile is different from that of adult for C. nudus, but it is the same in both for C. dorab. Consistent with its relatively slender body form C. dorab weighs much less than C. nudus. C. dorab does not show significant difference in weight between sexes or localities. For C. nudus, however, male is heavier than female and fish from Palk Bay is heavier than that from the Gulf of Mannar. The latter could be due to the difference observed in the physiological state of the fish in the two localities.

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