Selection of candidate species for cage culture in India

Xavier, Biji and Megarajan, Sekhar and Balla, Vamsi and Shiva, Ponnaganti (2016) Selection of candidate species for cage culture in India. [Teaching Resource]

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    In recent years, cage culture has emerged as one of the most viable method of sea farming. This aquaculture farming system offers the farmer a chance to utilize existing water resources, which is not used for other purposes. At present, situations like increase in consumption of fish, decline in wild stock and poor return from other culture systems paved strong interest for the fish production through cage culture among the fish farmers. Selection of fish species is playing major role in cage culture operation. Therefore, while selecting the species the biological as well as economical criteria should be taken into consideration, which includes available source of fish seed either from wild or hatcheries, seasonal abundance of the fish seeds in wild, acceptance to artificial feeds, consumer acceptance to the fish, economic value of the fish in local and international market, regional preference, compatibility of the species to culture in various system, resistance to disease and stress, ability to breed and produce the seed in confined environments. By considering the above criteria, a variety of commercially important marine fish species are highly found suitable for cage farming. The important candidate species from different parts of the world includes cobia (Rachycentron canadum), seabass (Lates calcarifer), snappers (Lutjanus sp.), pompanos (Trachinotus sp.) and groupers (Epinephelus sp.), etc. Commercial level seed production technology for majority of these fishes has been developed in many of the South East Asian countries. In India, the seed production of cobia, silver pompano, seabass and orange spotted grouper has been achieved successfully by different fisheries research institutions.

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