Genetic stock characterization of fish using molecular markers

Gopalakrishnan, A and Jayasankar, J and Shah, Phiros and Shalin, S (2017) Genetic stock characterization of fish using molecular markers. In: Course Manual Summer School on Advanced Methods for Fish Stock Assessment and Fisheries Management. Lecture Note Series No. 2/2017 . CMFRI; Kochi, Kochi, pp. 308-316.

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    Accurate Identification of genetic resources is necessary for detecting new species and varieties for products of commercial value. Fish, as a group, apart from their economic value from a biodiversity viewpoint, have the highest species diversity among all vertebrate taxa. They exhibit enormous diversity in size, shape, biology and in the habitats they occupy. In terms of habitat diversity, fishes live in almost all conceivable aquatic habitats, ranging from Antarctic waters to desert springs. Of the 62,305 species of vertebrates recognized world over, 34,090 (nearly 52%) are valid fish species; a great majority of them (97 %) are bony fishes and the remaining (3 %) are cartilaginous (sharks and rays) and jawless fishes (lampreys and hagfishes). Further, on an average, 300 new fish species are described each year, and global surveys indicate that there could well be at least 5,000 species more to be discovered.

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