Brochure - Thoothukudi Research Centre of CMFRI (in Tamil)

Jagadis, I and Manojkumar, P P and Asha, P S and Sivadas, M and Sarada, P T and Madan, M S and Suja, C P and Kalidas, C and Ranjith, L and Kavitha, M (2017) Brochure - Thoothukudi Research Centre of CMFRI (in Tamil). Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Cochin.

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    Seed production and cultured pearl farming techniques of pearl oysters, Pinctada fuctata and P. margaritifera. Seed production and farming techniques of edible oyster, Crassostrea madrasensis; Seed production and farming techniques of clams, Anadara granosa, Meretrix meretrix, M. casta, Paphia malabarica & Marcia opima. Technology for seed production of sea cucumbers, Holothuria scabra and H. spinifera Breeding and rearing of cephalopods i.e., Sepiella inermis Breeding and rearing of mud crab i.e., Scylla serrata Breeding and seed production of conservation important gastropods Basic techniques for tissue cultured pearl production Documentation of rare/endangered/vulnerable species from Gulf of Mannar

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