Laboratory experiments on growth of Penaeid prawns fed with artificial pellets

Thomas, M M and Kathirvel, M and George, K V (1991) Laboratory experiments on growth of Penaeid prawns fed with artificial pellets. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 33 (1&2). pp. 444-450.

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Artificial feeds were compounded using wheatflour, tapioca powder, coconut cake, groundnut cake, flshmeal, prawnmeal and mineral supplement in different proportions, in pellet form, with agar-agar as binding agent. Feed numbers 1 to 19 were with protein contents ranging from 15.31 % to 30.63 %. Starch contents varied from 7.31 to 44.32% while fat contents were much less (0.04 to 4.35%). Feeding experiments of 60 days duration were conducted with postlarvae (TL=5.10 to 5.69 mm) and juveniles (TL=21.0to36.0mm)of Metapenaeus dobsoni and Penaeus indicus (TL=10.10 to 14.60 mm) in aquarium tanks of 30 X 30 X 60 cm, containing 25 litres of sea water and plastic pools of 1 m diameter, con taining 150 litres of seawater. The prawns exhibited average growth rates ranging from 0.225 to 0.574 mm per day. Feed number 15 containing 22.41 % protein gave best results. The average growth rate per day in length and in weight were 0.505 mm and 0.015 g respectively. The cost of these feeds varied from Rs. 1.80 to 3.80 per kilogram.

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