Trends in the yields of major exploited fisheries of The east coast of India

Dharmaraja, S K and Philipose, Varughese (1975) Trends in the yields of major exploited fisheries of The east coast of India. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 22 (1&2). pp. 198-204.


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On the east coast of India, the elasmobrancbs, cat fishes, 'other sardines', anchovies and white baits, 'other clupeids', sciaenids, ribbon fish, silverbelHes and penr.cid prawns form the major fisher'es and contribute about 63% of the total mar'ne fish catch of the coast. The trends in the yields of these fisheries of this coast during the 21-year period from 1932 to 1972 have been analysed. A study of th'i fluctuations in the trends in the yields assumes greater importance as no up-to-date information is available at present about the nature of trends of major exploited fisher'es of the east coast of India especially in view of the diversification of fishing on this coast. The study reveals that in West Bengal and Orissa, elasmobrancbs, cat fishes, anchovies and white baits, other clupeids. sciaenids, ribbon fish and silverbeHies form a good fishery and it is predcted that ^ese fisheries will continue to yield good catches in future also. In Andhra the fisheries ctf other sardines, other clupeids, sciaenids, ribbon fish and penaeid prawns are successful and they w'll maintain the present increasing trend in their landings in the coming years also. In Tamil Nadu, it is seen that only cat fishes, other sardines, anchovies and white baits and sciaenids form very good fishery and they will yield higher catches also in the future years.

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