On the commercial trawl fisheries off Kakinada During 1967-70

Muthu, M S and Narasimham, K A and Rao, G Sudhakara and Appanasastry, Y and Ramalingam, P (1975) On the commercial trawl fisheries off Kakinada During 1967-70. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 22 (1&2). pp. 171-186.



Analysis of the trawler landings during 1967-70 showed the existence of rich prawn grounds of Kakinada, particularly in the shallower regions not exceeding 20 m in depth. In the Ashing ground extending in a depth zone, 5-40 m, the important fishery resources were prawns (forming 24% of the total catch), sciaenids (14.8%), Nemtpterus (9.7%), elasmobranchs (7.1%), silverbellies (6.4%), Laclarius laetarius (4,4%), ribbonflsh (4.4%), clupeids (3.8%), eels (2.6%), carangids (2.6%), and other small miscellaneous fishes. Two peaks were observed in the total catch, one in February-April, which is tiie more predominant (HW, and the other in August-November. The catch rates, seasonal fluctuations and detailed species composition are dealt with in the paper.

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