Yolk utilization in the egg of the olive ridley Lepidochelys olivacea

Silas, E G and Vijayakumaran, M and Rajagopalan, M (1984) Yolk utilization in the egg of the olive ridley Lepidochelys olivacea. CMFRI Bulletin, 35 . pp. 22-33.

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Yolk utilization has been studied in the eggs of olive ridley Lepidochelys olivacea from laying to pipping (hatching), pipping to emergence and in hatchlings. Chemical and calorimetric changes in the whole egg,in yolk,in the embryo and in the post emergence hatchling have been discussed. Cumulative conversion efficiencies of the whole egg and of yolk and net utilization effidiency of yolk have been determined using chemical and caloric values. Cumulative conversion efficiency of whole egg and of yolk at pipping in terms of energy are 71.97 % and 30.42% respectively. At the time of emergence these values further reduced to 66.97 % and 26.17% respectively. Based on the utilization of yolk energy, embryonic development in L. olivacea has been divided into three phases.

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