Whitebait fishery of Mangalore - Malpe, Karnataka during 1997-2002

Rohit, Prathibha and Gupta, C Alli (2008) Whitebait fishery of Mangalore - Malpe, Karnataka during 1997-2002. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 55 (3). pp. 211-214.



Whitebaits, with an annual average of 5,152 t formed 4.2% of the total fish catch of Mangalore-Malpe region during 1997-2002. Trawls, purseseine and ranibale contributed to the fishery with peak abundance during October-February. The fishery has registered a steady decline over the years with the lowest catch being observed in 2001-02. Three species dominated the fishery of the region. Growth parameters estimated were L= 109 mm and K = 1.5 yr -1 for Encrasicholina devisi, L= 122 mm and K = 1.1 yr -1 for Stolephorus waitei and L= 118 mm and K = 1.6 yr -1 for Encrasicholina punctifer. Total mortality estimated was 8.19, 6.18 and 8.97 respectively for the above species and natural mortality was 3.11, 2.46 and 3.18 respectively. The study indicated that the stock is under greater fishing pressure than desired. Biology of E. punctifer and S. insularis is being reported for the first time from this area.

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